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Let us talk about twitter marketing and how to use twitter ads to achieve your business goals.

There are over one hundred tweets published every day. With such huge numbers, it is very easy for your business marketing communication message to be lost in the timeline.

With a tweet timeline lifetime being 8 minutes, to remain in the timelines, you need to send 90 tweets within 12 hours for you to remain in the timeline. This is just ridiculous, as a business person, or a community manager you have so much work on your table, so 90 tweets/12 hours is just not possible. 

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With Twitter ads, you can get your message out to the people who are more likely to engage with your content. Moreover, you can do several ads and set them to run for several days, weeks or even months. Twitter data shows that there has been a 69% increase in twitter ads engagement and a 28% drop in cost per engagement. This is all good news for marketers. Therefore, get busy and grow your business with twitter ads. 

Types of twitter ads

1. Promoted tweets.

These are tweets that the advertiser has paid for them to be shown to people who are not following their accounts and have shown interest in topics that revolve around the advertisers’ business. They are just like regular tweets, can be liked and retweeted. The only difference is that they have a label below that states “promoted”

These tweets are great for creating awareness for your business or communicating offers. They appear in targeted users profiles, timelines, and desktop apps. 

2. Promoted accounts.

These tweets are also called follower campaigns; the aim is to gain more twitter followers. This type of ads allows you to promote your account to people who are more likely to follow your account. They appear in targeted users’ timelines as well as follow suggestions and search results. In addition to that, they have a follow button displayed and a clear indication that it is a promoted account. 

3. Promoted Trends 

Twitter trends show the topics that Twitter users are mostly talking about, these trends can be filtered geographically to suit the users’ interests and location. Promoted trends, allow you to promote a specific hashtag at top of the trending topics list. This allows people to join in the conversation.

When a user clicks on a promoted trend, they see an organic list of topics search results with your promoted tweet appearing first. This is a great way of generating organic traffic as well as getting awareness. 

4. Automated twitter ads. 

If you are new to twitter ads and do not know how to start, there is an option for you. You can opt for twitter promote mode. When this mode is activated, your organic tweets are taken through a quality filter, if they pass, that is automatically added to your campaign, and uses targeting criteria that you have selected. Note that your 10 first tweets for the day will automatically get promoted. 

This mode allows you to constantly promote your twitter account all the time even when you are busy. To achieve the best results, you can pair automated ads with your customized campaigns. Note that quote tweets, retweets, and replies will not be promoted as these are considered to be organic. Based on twitter marketing data, twitters promote mode reaches an average of 30,000 additional people and over 30 daily followers. If you want to create awareness with less hustle, then twitter automated ads can work for you. 

Twitter Objectives.

Just like any other campaign, online or offline, you must have objectives to guide you. First, you have to think about the outcome, what results do you want? What do you want to achieve with Twitter marketing? The campaign objective that you choose always determines the results, delivery system, engagement type and how much you are charged. Let us dig deeper and understand the different objectives options available with twitter ads. 

1. Awareness 

This is the objective you choose when you want to reach the maximum number of people. You will be charged per 1000 impressions. 

2. Tweet engagement

Here you want to get the maximum engagement with your tweets, you will be charged per engagement. Note that, you will only be charged for the initial engagement. Engagement includes likes, retweets, comments, and replies, etc. 

3. Video views 

 You want to maximize your video content. You will be charged per video view ( cost per view)  


With this objective, your goal is to gain followers to your account. You will be charged per followers gained. Note that you will not be charged for any other engagement like retweets and likes.

5. Website clicks or Conversion 

This type of ad promotes your website, all the traffic is directed to your website on a specific page that you choose. You will be charged for every click. (Cost per click)

6. App Install 

This is the objective you choose when you want to promote your app. The traffic is directed to your app for downloads. You will be charged for every app install. 

7. App re-engagement

You choose this objective when people have already, downloaded your app but you want them to open the app and use it. Note that You are charged for every app click. 

8.     In-stream video views (pre-roll)

You promote your video will be displayed in highly relevant publishers ‘content as a pre-roll video. You are charged for video in-streams video views. 

Targeting and audiences 

How do you target on twitter? 

To make sure that your ads are shown to the right audience, i.e, people who are more likely to engage with your content or are interested in your content, product or service. Twitter marketing platform has many different targeting options to help you bring your message to the right people. 

Targeting options

You can target using demographics, age, gender, location, language, and technology. Geographical targeting option lets you set a specific area, postal code or a whole country. Technological targeting lets you target by the carrier, by operation system that users are using as well as the specific devices that users are using to access twitter with. 

Moreover, there is an additional audience feature that lets you bring your message to more specific users. You can use behavior, interests, events, TV shows, users, or even keywords among others. To help you in your audience definition, twitter provides you with an audience estimate size based on users that match your targeting criterion. 


Whichever industry you are in, Twitter marketing can grow your business, all you need to choose the right audience and objective. There are millions of conversations on twitter every day, make an effort to be part of it. 

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