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Here are the top 10 twitter marketing tips for business growth in 2020.

The following 10 twitter marketing tips will help you stand out.
Twitter is a great platform to grow your business, but things on twitter change so fast. The lifetime of a tweet is four times shorter than any other post on any other social media platform. This makes it easy for your message to get lost in the clutter.

1. The right profile picture, handle and header image.

Your twitter handle is your name on twitter your profile picture is your face, the cover image is your character and personality. Therefore, your twitters handle needs to be easy, recognizable, short and easy to remember.

Remember, when people are looking for your business, they will use your twitter handle.

Keep your name consistent across all social media pages for uniformity and to make it easy for customers to recognize your brand. You can also use your brand name as your twitter handle.

For example Hennes & Mauritz a fashion company opted to go for H&M as their business name on twitter and made their handle even simpler by calling it @hm

H&M profile picture
twitter marketing tips

They have used this name consistently across all their social media pages and website. Choose a handle that is close to your brand name if not the brand name, also avoid punctuation marks, numbers or special characters. Keep it short and sweet for easy mentions, remember every tweet has a character limit, so people may not often mention your handle if it is long.

As mentioned earlier, your profile picture is your face, here I recommend going for your brand logo. This is perfect because every time users interact with your tweets it’s the brand log they will see first, hence this tip is good for driving awareness.

Ensure that your logo is simple and clear. Use a resizeable logo and can be compressed when users are using different devices such as phones and tablets. For personalities, your professional headshop will work best for your profile picture. 

The header image represents your personality and character. It is the perfect space to unleash your creativity and playfulness. It can also be used for awareness. Consider a catchy image that communicates your brand message, you can also use this space to communicate upcoming events or even what is currently happening in your company.

For example, if you have a new product launch, such information can be communicated with a beautiful catchy header image. 

2. A well-optimized bio.

When someone wants to know more about your business, this is where they first land. Twitter bios have a character limit of 160. Consider this as the first words you speak to your clients. It’s your elevator pitch. Keep it short, informative and direct. Just explain what you do in very simple sweet words.

Here are a few points to keep in mind when drafting a bio.

  • Tell people exactly who you are, what you do
  • Incorporate personality or humour to make it human.
  • Brag- if you are an award-winning company, mention it here.
  • Keep it specific and targeted to your customers, it should appeal to your target audience.

Optimize it with relevant hashtags.

3. Use minimal hashtags and keep them relevant.

Hashtags help you engage in conversations or create conversations on twitter. Tweets that have relevant hashtags receive 2x more engagements than those that do not have. It is advisable to keep the hashtags to a maximum of two. Use the right hashtags and do not overuse them. Only use hashtags that relate to the context of your tweet or account. You can use tools such as hashtagify to find hashtags related to your specific keywords.

how to use hashtags 
twitter marketing tips

4. Tweet often and during peak hours.

Because tweets have a very short lifetime on timelines, tweeting often will increase your brand visibility. These are certain times of the day and specific days of the week where most people are active online. This is the perfect time to pot because they are more likely to see it and engage with it. Based on the buffer, a social media tool, Friday, Saturday and Sundays have the highest engagements than those other days. However this may not be true to all users, you can master your tweets by using twitter analytics to identify which days and what time of the day results to g impressions and engagements

5. Use video and GIF formats.

Tweets with images receive more engagements than those with plain text, while those with videos receive more engagements than those with images. Social media algorithms tend to favour video content. Videos are more engaging and hence effective to communicate a message to consumers. You can use videos to share information about your brand, show behind the scenes and hence elicits emotions and create a connection with your audience.

6. Use Polls

One of the best ways to engage with audiences is to ask the question, naturally, the human mind is conditioned to answer or respond to questions. This can be achieved through twitter polls. Twitter polls are very useful; you can use them to find out customer preference and opinion about a certain decision. You can use twitter polls for research and even decision-making. Creating a poll is easy, just click on the normal tweet button but instead of starting to write your tweet, click on polls, and start to create your questions and answers. Creating a poll for market research or survey purpose requires thought into it.

Eventbrite twitter poll.
twitter marketing tips

7. Use Twitter ads

Twitter ads allow you to reach more people who are not following your account. They are a bit more expensive compared to Facebook ads however they have a higher conversion rate if well used. To learn more about twitter ads and best practice on twitter ads refer to our previous articles. (Below)

Using twitter ads like a pro in 2020

NAIL IT ON TWITTER – Your twitter for business guide

8. Use influencers

Influencers work perfectly on Twitter. Influencers are people with a huge following and have an audience where they can influence opinions and start conversations. They can easily change your brand perception with just a series of posts; they are great and driving brand awareness and consideration.

The first step in influencer marketing is finding influencers who are specific to your industry and have a target market that is of your target audience. Look at their profiles and timelines to identify the type of content they post and if they have been engaged in scandals that may harm your business or worked for a competitor before. Influencers can easily uplift your brand, however, be careful about your choice of influencers for they will be seen as brand ambassadors.

twitter marketing tips
twitter opinion leaders/influencers.

9. Use Call to action  

The main business goal for any marketing activity is always to drive a sale, conversions, or leads. Hence when creating a post it’s important to add some call to action to the post. This CTA will help trigger a reaction from the users. Some effective calls to action can follow us, shop now, visit our website, download, etc. However, do not include a call to action to every tweet for you may sound more sales-driven than customer-focused.

examples of call to action.

  • Follow us
  • Visit our site
  • Shop our sales
  • Download here
  • Learn more

Call to action in Twitter posts.

10. Be a good listener, interact and respond

Twitter is one of the best listening tools. You can use the hashtags to search and see what people are talking about in your business or your industry; you can also search for your business name to see any mentions containing your business name. This way you can stay on top of your game. Remember social media is supposed to be social, two-way communication between you and your customers. So comment, like and respond to comments and direct messages. This will show your customers that you value them.  

Twitter for business.

With the few twitter marketing tips, you can now get started on your journey to unrevealing the great benefits of using twitter.

Remember twitter is Fun, so enjoy building your twitter community.

If you have any comments or tips kindly feel free to share with us.

Thank you for reading!


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