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Social Media Management

 Did you know that  84% of customers expect companies to respond to their online queries within nine hours?   This is where Dijiturn comes in..

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this is a fast moving world and consumers expect companies to keep up with the pace. With the customer being more empowered day by day, a strong social media presence is needed to establish lasting relationships with the customer. Engaging rapidly with your customers through social media is a huge opportunity to differentiate your brand.

Currently, many customers to air their compliments, complains and suggestions through social media, this requires companies to be there and respond to those queries.


This is where Dijiturn solutions come in. We have an in house, full time and hands-on, team of social media managers who focus on creating well optimized social media pages. We ensure constant engagement with your current and potential clients. This way your brand can stay ahead of the competition

Social media advertising

Social media advertising offers measurable results in terms of sales, leads and branding. It has been proven to offer a great return on investment…..

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Social media advertising enables companies to reach a large audience at a low cost, and the return on investment is high too.

 We are experts in social media data analysis and customer analysis; therefore, our campaigns are effective, well designed and well-targeted to your current and potential customers. This way, we ensure qualified leads and even direct sales

Content Creation

The phrase Content is king will never get out of fashion. This is why we focus on Creating Likeable Content that the target audience can engage and connect with.

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With a Full time, bold and creative content creation team, we deliver high-quality Content that is Likeable and well-targeted to your customer segment.

Our content creation team comprises of diverse writers and well experienced graphic designers whose main focus is to create unique engaging content just for your customers. 

Social Media PR and Customer Service

Public relations is based on communication, but social media with its real-time communications and immediate feedback, it amplifies your message making public relations more effective.

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Social media allows for real-time, one on one conversation with the customers. Due to this factor, social media is a tool that you can use to achieve your public relations goals.

 At Dijiturn we understand the power of Social media as a PR too. Therefore we help our clients create campaigns and events that align with their Public relation goals.

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